Site Supervision

Ensuring proper procedure is followed for each activity.

  • Checking line out and other preliminary works.
  • Checking correctness of shuttering work.
  • Checking reinforcement work.
  • Checking Masonry and plaster work.
  • Checking all other finishing works like flooring, plumbing, wiring, painting, window and door fixing etc.

Ensuring good quality workmanship.

  • Ensuring proper procedure is followed for each activity.
  • Scrutinizing raw material for quality.
Conventional PMC

In addition to site supervision mentioned above,

Preparation of detailed schedule.

  • Detailed schedule using MS Project.
  • Bar chart giving details of each activity.
  • Schedule of requirement of consumables.

Record keeping of material bought and consumed.

  • Keeping track of material like cement, steel, sand, coarse aggregates, blocks/bricks, tiles etc.
  • Register of daily consumption of materials.

Tracking of progress against planned schedule.

  • Maintaining daily progress records.
  • Tracking actual progress against planned progress.
  • Carrying out necessary adjustment where required to achieve desired progress.

QAQC services

  • Testing material for quality.
  • Testing work executed for required quality and strength.
Comprehensive PMC

In addition to Conventional PMC work above.

Getting the drawings and designs prepared.

  • Preparation of architectural drawings.
  • Preparation of structural designs.
  • Plumbing and sanitation drawings.
  • Checking Masonry and plaster work.
  • Electrical drawings.

Contract finalization and implementation.

  • Contract finalization and implementation.
  • Scrutinizing and finalizing rates and contracts.
  • Ensuring that the contract is implemented as per terms and conditions agreed.

Assistance in procuring construction machinery and material.

  • Assistance in procuring machinery required for construction.
  • Assistance in providing material required for construction.

Helping to achieve economy through innovative use of technology, without compromising on quality.

Complete Project

This service involves the selection of the land for project. In addition to the PMC work, the involvement extends to other departments like Purchase, Sales & Marketing, HR, Office Management in terms of Working System Development and Process Integration and control.

All these involvements will lead to implementation of ERP system

Getting the drawings and designs prepared.

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